Lesson to Aliens (Pitasakwalayanta Padamak)

Lesson to Aliens (Pitasakwalayanta Padamak)

ABOUT Indrajith Prabaswara

Indrajith Prabaswara
 Grade one student of Sooriyapradeepa Primary college, Sri Lanka.



This book describes this young author's imagination about the aliens and the environment in which they live.Story is built around alien's mission to to find out a place for them to survive in few years time.The book further describes the alien's journey which took number of years traveling through MilkyWay until our earth is sited by them and thought that "this is the place". The alien's well planned unexpected strong attack over our earth , strong nations unexpected failure in facing the alien's and how was it finally circumvented by a team of Sri Lankan scientists and air force personnel marks the end of the story.