Whispers in the Attic

ABOUT Nancy Morris

Nancy Morris
I am a teacher of English at a secondary school in Portsmouth; children's writer of paranormal fiction and a student of html. Also, I am happily married; we share a family of animals: two crazy cats, a beautiful black cocker-spaniel (who is also my partner in crime) and a plethora of fis More...



Follow the plucky Emily into the attic room and beyond as she embarks on a spooky journey through time: join her as she encounters rooms without doors; mysterious characters and her final terrifying confrontation with the truth.

All she wanted was to find a place to escape her parents' impending divorce and where she ended up changed her life forever... 

Now years away from the present, the big question is: how much does she want to return to her home?

This book started as a short story written for a University assessment as part of my PGCE course, my lecturer suggested I should try to get published... so here I am.