The Cardinal Promise: A novel of romance and suspense

The Cardinal Promise: A novel of romance and suspense

ABOUT Theresa Zomick

Theresa Zomick
Theresa Zomick, who writes under the name Theresa St. Vincent, was born and raised in Queens, New York. A daydreamer since childhood, her teachers detected in her a flare for writing at a young age. Upon graduation from high school, however, Zomick put her aspirations toward writing on th More...



When a deeply passionate romance ends in a pile of smoldering ashes, Therese is left reeling and confused, but determined to go on with her life. Her connection with Rick was unexpectedly powerful, but his inability to overcome his painful past caused him to flee when their relationship intensified.

Therese travels to Italy to connect with her family’s heritage and attempt to put Rick out of her mind—and her heart—permanently. Just when she thinks she’s succeeded in moving past him, he reappears in her life. And this time, he’s ready to deal with the emotional wounds that prevented his heart from healing and opening fully to the woman he loves.

As Therese and Rick hesitantly give their love a second chance to bloom, their relationship is further complicated by their jobs. Rick is an FBI agent assigned to investigate a corrupt senator—whom Therese happens to work for.

Will Rick and Therese overcome the ghosts of their pasts, only to be thwarted by a maze of political corruption and greed? Or will the stars align and allow them to follow their destinies and find their true north in each other’s arms once and for all?