Silly Willy Winston in the Adventures of Inspector Snout: The case of the missing tadpole (The Adventures of Silly Willy Winston) (Volume 3)

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Donna Maguire
I began writing children's books in March with the first book in the series published on Amazon in July of 2015. It may seem a bit odd that the series already includes four books. The reason is that I created the books without even thinking of publishing them. After more than 35 years in t More...


Silly Willy Winston uses his super large ears and snout to take on the secret identity of Inspector Snout. He then helps his friend learn that his tadpole is not missing just a bit different. Along the way they learn that many creatures go through changes. They go to bed looking one way and wake up looking and acting very different. Some of the strange changes they uncover include salamanders, honeybees, caterpillars, dragonflies, and the freakiest of all jellyfish. To view and/or purchase the first in the series "The Wacky World of Silly Willy Winston - An ordinary pet with extraordinary adventures," please go to and use the same promo code. To view and/or purchase the second in the series "Silly Willy Winston in the Adventures of Super Snout - Have NO Fear," please go to and use the same promo code. Thank you.

Young readers 7 to 8 (grades 2 through 3)

Silly Willy Winston is a Basset Hound with the biggest ears ever and a super large snout. He is my beloved pet and I chose him as a muse because of his traits. While they may seem awkward at times, are also what gives him his special qualities, making Silly Willy Winston a unlikely hero with whom young readers can relate and admire. These traits enable Silly Willy Winston to take young readers on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Along the way he promotes curiosity about nature's mysteries, the environment, the world and the creatures that inhabit it. The goal is to nurture a love of reading, discovery and learning delivered through humor, love, loyalty and friendship.

Angelina, age 8 years, 11 months - 4 Stars

I liked this book so much, like I love the other Silly Willy Winston books. This one was about science and I love science! Science is for your brain and the boy in the story, Billy, learned a lot of science and now he loves science too!

Victoria Zigler - 5 Stars

This book is another fantastic addition to the series, which is both fun and educational. Not only is this book well written, but it's also very informative and educational, which is perfect for teaching children about some of the changes that happen to a few of the creatures that share our world, while still keeping things fun. Also, Silly Willy Winston - AKA Inspector Snout - is a lovable character, who dog lovers of all ages will fall in love with from the start.