Silly Willy Winston in the Adventures of Explorer Snout in a Tale of Two Deserts (Silly Willy Winston Children's Book Series 4)

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Donna Maguire
I began writing children's books in March with the first book in the series published on Amazon in July of 2015. It may seem a bit odd that the series already includes four books. The reason is that I created the books without even thinking of publishing them. After more than 35 years in t More...


Silly Willy Winston is a Basset Hound with the biggest ears ever and a super large snout. Yes, he trips over them often which makes him a bit of a clown. However, Silly Willy Winston discovered these unique traits give him super powers. As a steadfast friend Silly Willy Winston uses these super powers to take on secret identities and become an unlikely hero to his friends. As Explorer Snout, Silly Willy Winston takes his BFF Olivia on an adventure through the Mojave Desert. They discover what animals do to survive and they learn just how many different deserts there are in the world, each very different. They decide to explorer the Gobi Desert. Do you want to know why? Because it is where dinosaur eggs were first discovered and can still be found today. During their visit they learn about three rare creatures that exist only there.

Young readers 7 to 8.

The story is about understanding how vast and amazing our world is. It starts this journey of understanding by sharing that even the number of deserts is far more expansive than we would imagine, in fact there are approximately 50 deserts on earth. Each desert is unique onto itself. Some are hot, some are cold, some are both. The creatures that inhabit the desert are as diverse as the deserts themselves. It sets the stage for understanding the importance of balance and connectivity to the world we inhabit. The hope is that the story cultivates the young readers natural curiosity to help develop a love of learning.

Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez, 5 Stars on Goodreads

Cindy Freland, 5 Stars on Amazon

Silly Willy Winston in the Adventures of Explorer Snout by Donna Maguire is a cute, educational tale of a dog and his human friend exploring two deserts, the Mojave and the Gobi. They travel to the deserts discovering the temperature, rainfall, water availability, and most of all, the animals living there. There is a lot of rhyming to add to the educational fun and the images are cute and colorful. I suggest it to anyone wanting to learn about deserts.

Angelina, 5 Girls Book Reviews, age 9 years (4 stars)

I really enjoyed and liked this book. It is about a girl and Silly Willy Winston exploring the desert. They saw a desert that was so hot that they didn't want to go there. I would never want to go to the desert becaus I don't like how scary it looks and how hot.