Alpha Omega Squad Angels and Demons

Young Adult, Horror, General Fiction

By Matt Andrade

Publisher : Matthew Andrade

ABOUT Matt Andrade

Matt Andrade
i love to write books i'v love to write short stories. Im a funy guy with a love faimly I love God. And i love my family.



JR Mills is a ten year old boy who is disable and goes to special ED classes. Then the God Angel Michael came down and gave him special powers to fights demons in his sleep. JR got suspended from school from a fight, then the military steps in and took him while on his suspension from school. Their he met his brand new friend name Dan who is also the same age as JR. And Dan also joins up with JR and both of them fight demons in their sleep.
JR and Dan discover that they can use their special powers during the day. They train on special forces on a laser tag training where they train there powers in.
The Devil manage to capture JR and Dan while they were watching TV and was strip from their powers by the Devil. The Devil ever since they got capture started to torture them again and again none stop torturing. During the torture they were made to go and fight gladiator style to fight demons or the souls will get taken from them if they lose. They get Hand cuff where the hand cuffs have powers to make them stay asleep through out the torture.
JR and Dan also got send to the pit where their souls get taken from them, but who helps them out during the time when they were sent to the pit.
Will JR and Dan get out of Hell? Before it's to late.

I just wanted to see if I can write a long interesting book for my readers and I think I came out good i'v gotten four star reviews I wish I had more but I got to start somewhere would I love to have a trailer for the book yes I would. Maybe some day I might.