Zenji & the Muzzy Bug: The Mindful & Magical Sleep Solution (Buddabugzz Sleepwell Book 1)

ABOUT Aisli Madden

Aisli Madden
Aislí Madden is an Irish author, designer and TV presenter, who has practiced mindfulness daily for nearly two decades. Scientific evidence indicates that mindfulness has incalculable physical and mental health benefits. It is also used all over the world as a remedy for insomnia. Aislí More...


“Zenji & the Muzzy Bug” is the ultimate ‘feel-good’ bedtime story!

Enriched with mindfulness, “Zenji & the Muzzy Bug” helps children become relaxed and sleepy at bedtime. Characters Zenji and Karma teach us how to feel better physically and mentally, by being mindful and focusing our thoughts. They encourage readers to listen to their inner voice, believe in their inner strength, and be mindful of their hero within.

The Story:
Zenji the Buddabug is feeling rather unwell. He is stuck in bed and he’s extremely bored... That’s until his buddy Karma appears and takes him on a magical adventure... inside Zenji’s body!
After listening to Karma's relaxation rhyme, Zenji is transported inside his own body where he heals himself from within, and becomes more relaxed with each breath he takes.

Buddabugzz bedtime stories are infused with well-being and mindfulness techniques that help develop self-confidence and positive thinking from the earliest age. Each title is purposely designed to encourage sleep at bedtime and to safeguard and nurture children’s mental health from infancy.