Katy Rose Likes To Say No

Katy Rose Likes To Say No

ABOUT Delin Colon

Delin Colon
Delin Colon is a writer and researcher residing in the Pacific Northwest U.S.



Katy Rose Likes to Say No is about a child, like most, who is just learning to assert her independence and discovering her power over others, simply by saying “no.” She learns, however, that defying her parents and being rude to her friend only make herself feel bad. Katy Rose eventually discovers that cooperation and kindness make others happy and that they, in turn are more nurturing toward her. This book is for every parent who, while realizing the importance of this developmental stage, suffers the exasperation of constantly hearing “no.” The illustrations are cut-paper art, or collage, and all images were created by rearranging the same 127 randomly cut pieces of construction paper. At the end of the book are instructions on how to create such art projects with your child.