Moon Diamond: The Vampire Cat (Moon Diamond Mysteries Book 1)

ABOUT Albert Gallant

Albert Gallant
A former screenwriter turned to novels.



“Best book I’ve read this year,” said the author.

“Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark!” Five barks said the author’s dog. Good boy.

Out of the forest and fog he comes, his silhouette barely perceptible displacing the mist around him. (“Is he a monster?”) (“No.”) His footfalls are as quiet as a cat, his vision as sharp as a vampire. (“Is he a cat?”) (“Yes he’s a cat.”) He jumps fifteen feet up into a tree, watching as people stroll by, searching for a certain someone to pounce on, searching for the killer. (“Is he a dog?) (“I already said he was a cat.”) He can run faster than the wind. (“Faster than the wind inside a tornado?”) (“I suppose so.”) He’s Moon Diamond, a Siamese cat and protector of the innocent. (“Does he carry a gun?”) (“I said he’s a cat now how’s a cat going to carry a gun?) Moon Diamond opens a private investigator’s office to help solve crimes, thus is born Moon Diamond Mysteries. (“What? I thought you said he was a cat?”) He is a Siamese-vampire hybrid feline. (“Are you sure he’s a cat?”) (“Shut up.”)

Zacharia, an ancient friend of Dracula’s had an old Siamese cat named Moon Diamond that had lived beyond its lifespan but he loved it so much that he kept it alive with a piece of his soul. When Zacharia was killed something extraordinary happened, his soul went inside the cat and his spirit now shares control of the feline.

People are being murdered in New York and Zacharia becomes interested in the case, a nice diversion from being a cat; he wants to see if he can’t scratch up the killer, trying to get Dracula interested in the case but it’s not easy to get the Master to do anything.

The police approach Dracula, unsure if they are dealing with a vampire or just some maniac, hoping that he’ll step up and help them. But Dracula is fascinated by another distraction, a pregnant cat named Trixie.


Although Moon Diamond is a fictional character he's also a genuine cat, part Siamese that gets me up at five in the morning so that he can go out. And so starts my day.

Format: Kindle Edition
Have you ever had a pet you wish could live forever? What if you had the power to make that happen by sharing a piece of your soul’s essence? That’s exactly what Zacharia, an ancient vampire did for his beloved Siamese, Moon Diamond. What Zacharia didn’t see happening was being killed himself and having his soul sucked into Moon diamond’s body and battling wills with a cat or seeing life from a cat’s eye view. Oh, or becoming the object of Dracula’s jabs, taunts and laughter. How to make the best of the situation? Become a Private Investigator, because really, who would think a cat is anything more than a cat? Who would suspect this cat has the power of a vampire and probably more than the usual nine lives?
    Yes, really, a friendly Dracula, a frustrated Zacharia, and, well, you know how cats are! Get ready for a quirky and FUN paranormal fantasy read that will have you up late at night laughing at the predicaments these vamps find themselves in!

    Author A. J. Gallant may have raised his own creative bar with Moon Diamond, I mean, really, a paranormal mystery series based around a vampire cat with a decidedly dual personality? Mr. Gallant has put his own spin on vampires, detective work and conjured up another winner! His world is a little quirky, but there is danger, warmth, loyalty and even a few moral dilemmas that must be wrestled. Can it get any better, knowing he presents it with his signature chaotic style at a pace with enough centrifugal force to keep you glued to each page, knowing you’re in for more chuckles while seeing the best side of vamps, cats and adventures?

    What other fantasies lie within the fertile mind of author A. J. Gallant? I, for one can’t wait to find out! And what’s this about author Piers Anthony? Guess you’ll have to read A. J. Gallant’s Moon Diamond to find out! Remember, laughter is good for the “soul.” I cannot recommend this highly enough for some light and fun reading!