Love's Deadly Masquerade

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By The-Author Yani

Publisher : Anitbeet Productions

ABOUT The-Author Yani

The-Author Yani
My pen name is "Yani" and I am proud to be re-releasing my 1st novel "A Thug's Redemption" through self publishing. I enjoy writing as well as entertaining my readers with suspenseful stories.



Vanessa is a beautiful, young woman with a bright, and promising future. She’s never known love until she meets Eric, who sweeps her off of her feet. But is he the man of her dreams, or the monster of her nightmares? In a blink of an eye, Vanessa finds herself the victim of Eric’s brutal assaults physically, mentally and sexually. With the help of strangers, she makes an escape. Soon after, she learns that her fairytale introduction to Eric was a disguise for something much darker and sinister. Reality sets in that once you deal with Eric, the only out is a deadly one. No one is safe once they’ve made contact with Vanessa and Eric won’t stop until the blood trail ends with hers. “Love’s Deadly Masquerade” shines a light on domestic violence fueled by possessiveness and past demons. It’s a story that every woman needs to read

Vanessa Lofton is a beautiful, young college student with a promising future in Criminal Law. While shopping with her best friend Arianna in the King of Prussia's Mall, she meets Eric Washington, who wastes no time romancing the young college co-ed, causing her to fall head over heels in love with him. It isn't long before Eric's possessive nature and violent behavior melts away the Prince Charming masks he's donned in the beginning of their relationship, and Vanessa find's herself the victim of Eric's brutal assaults physically, mentally, and sexually. With the help of strangers, Vanessa is able to make an escape but soon learns that the only out with Eric, is a deadly one. No-one who crosses paths with Vanessa is safe, and Eric won't stop until the blood trail ends with hers.