Silly Willy Winston in the Adventurs of Pirate Snout: Mystery in the desert and on the seas (Silly Willy Winston Children's Book Series 5)

Children's Books

By Donna Maguire

Publisher : Donna M Maguire

ABOUT Donna Maguire

Donna Maguire
I began writing children's books in March with the first book in the series published on Amazon in July of 2015. It may seem a bit odd that the series already includes four books. The reason is that I created the books without even thinking of publishing them. After more than 35 years in t More...


Silly Willy Winston and his friend Aiden live in the desert. They love to explore but most of all they dream of adventure not on dry ground. Silly Willy Winston throws Aiden a bandanna and wooden sword. He readies his nose and his snout. He puts on his pirate's hat and grabs his telescope. In an instant he becomes Pirate Snout. On this journey they discover a ship buried in the Mojave Desert, a Pyramid under the sea and so much more. Young readers 7 to 8

Pirate Snout and his best friend Aiden live in Nevada. They dream of adventure but most of all they dream of life not on dry ground. To accomplish this Silly Willy Winston readies the biggest ears ever and super large snout. He grabs his pirate hat and jumps all about. When he turns around he is Pirate Snout. His special abilities enable him to take Aiden on a journey - not just of treasure and pirate booty but of rare finds including a shipwreck in the Mojave Desert, a pyramid under the sea off the coast of Portugal as well as an amazing array of marine life and creatures.