The Hare's Vision: A new Irish myth

ABOUT William Methven

william Methven
I grew up in Northern Ireland during ‘troubles’ in the late 1960s and early 1970’s. The experience taught me at first hand the damage religious dogma and conflicting cultural loyalties can cause. As a young man I traveled and worked widely in Europe and the Middle East. I trained in More...


The Hare’s Vision is beautifully written, vividly imagined and wise.

It is a bewitching story of the odyssey in the sixth century of a Celtic monk, Cormac, his muse Zachariah the hare and their strange band of companions who journey from Egypt to Ireland to protect the last testament of Jesus from those who would suppress its radical message.

"A glorious tale.....a brilliant story." Helen Mark, BBC.

“This is such an important book for the Irish people, ..... it could give the Irish the promise of a new start in life among each other. I am flabbergasted by this book. It remains exciting until the end (and afterwards somehow). The story is always unexpected and surprising.” Emy ten Seldam.

In 36AD radical Jewish teacher and zealot, Yeshua ben Pandira lies dying of his wounds in Judaea. Disturbed by a vision that his teachings will be misused by the Roman Empire, Yeshua lives long enough to dictate his final testamen (later known as The Word) to Joseph of Arimithaea.

However because of its radical teachings, The Word is suppressed by the early church and completely disappears in the third century.

Then in 2015 The Word is re-discovered buried under the ruins of an ancient church in Ireland. How did it get there from biblical Judaea and what are the implications for the modern world of its radical message?

“This is a remarkable book. It has a smooth narrative flow and a great visual appeal and I keep thinking of it in terms of a film, possibly along the lines of Lord of the Rings, it reads like a traditional Irish myth.” Colin McAlpin.