Kapow: Bad Girls Edition (Volume 1)

Kapow: Bad Girls Edition (Volume 1)

ABOUT Jude Johnson

Jude Johnson
Jude Johnson is the granddaughter of a Mexican-Native American curandera (healer) and considers herself “native by proxy” to Arizona. Always a history buff, she loves mixing real historical research in with rip-raoring tales of adventure and romance. She speaks moderately effective Bad More...



Celebrate the modern uprising of strong female role models with the stories of KAPOW Kick A** Powerfully Original Women Super female main characters. SUPER comic book-worthy POWER. Seven stories written in literary form inspired by the classic tales of super heroes and heroines with the bad women setting the stage for the opening of this dual anthology with their wicked ways, super strengths, and master plans of domination and demise. 7DS Books proudly presents KAPOW Bad Girls Edition