Page of Buckets (Circus Tarot Book 2)

ABOUT Charles Jones

Charles Jones
Charles W. Jones grew up in a town of 500 people--Shoshoni, WY. It's the Center of the Universe, or so he thought growing up since it is in the exact center of the state. There were quite a few "characters" in our town and it was one of those places that everyone knows More...



“Oh delicious,” Page of Buckets whispered as she approached. Five of Poles moved around the yard in chaos. She crawled under a trailer and waited as she knew that eventually one would fall; they always did. She grinned as a thought came to mind.

A rusty grappling hook pierced the fallen youth through the leg; his blood seeped onto the ground. He let out a cry of alarm, but the others were too caught up in their mission of stacking the tent poles. She pulled him under the trailer.
She ripped pieces of his flesh with the sharp hook, and alternately devoured the meat and fed the piranha dancing in her bucket. Soon the water was as red as the blood that pooled in the dirt. Now her stomach was full of warm flesh, but she was not done with her game.

Six years after Mary and Darrin burned the Circus Tarot, the frantic Circus Tarot trilogy continues with Page of Buckets. The pattern of their lives has once again become predictable. Unknown to them, the deck of cards has been busy rebuilding itself. In order to save their daughter from the clutches of the denizens of World Circus, they must send replacements or they will make her a Clown. However, it does not seem that everyone wants to leave the impulsive world’s seductive charms.