ABOUT Stuart Land

Stuart Land
About Stuart Land I began writing while working as a sculptor in Los Angeles on many well-known films such as Aliens, Predator, The Abyss, Poltergeist 2, Beetlejuice, Independence Day, and many others. I was mentored in film directing by Jim Pasternak, Dov S-S Simens, and others, and ment More...


Adapted from my award-winning screenplay of the same name, CLAIMING LIVES, is a crime thriller about Jake Smithson, a San Francisco homicide inspector who still suffers nightmares from his youth when his teenage girlfriend was taken by a serial kidnapper. Now, his nightmares again become a reality in a brutal cat and mouse game when the kidnapper reemerges with a vicious vendetta, tormenting Jake by leaving naked dead women as clues. When Jake finally saves one of the women from a bizarre death, everyone close to him, including his partner and adolescent daughter, become targets of the incensed killer.

Jake not only has to defend against the threat of this deranged madman and fight the debilitating influences of his past, but also must come to grips with the overpowering feelings he’s developing for the mysterious woman he saved.