Operation Cosmic Teapot

Humor, General Fiction

By Dylan Callens

Publisher : Self Published

ABOUT Dylan Callens

Dylan Callens
Dylan Callens grew up in Delhi, Ontario. From a young age, he was always interested in writing; however, in high school, his interests were focused more towards music. He dreamed of being famous in a heavy metal band named Nothing Sacred. Unfortunately, the band wasn't all that good, so fa More...



"A virgin birth? A virgin? Her?" God shouted at Freud while recalling his one night stand with Mary. Freud snorted another line of cocaine in celebration, believing that this story would help Nietzsche in his quest to fire God from Heaven Inc. Nietzsche, however, had other problems: the Norse gods were running amok on Earth, his board of directors were in a constant state of chaos, and syphilis pushed him into a past life that he would rather forget.

Here is one of my favorite reviews:

"Operation Cosmic Teapot" is one of those books that I'm really glad I had the opportunity to read; it was such an enjoyable and humorous story. I loved the concept of this book: Gods working in a corporate calling center ran by a board of dead philosophers with Nietzsche as the C.E.O. and Freud as the company's "high" psychoanalyst, all the makings of an amazingly satirical and entertaining book. Kudos and thanks to author Dylan Callens for such a great reading experience! I look forward to reading more of his work.
I recommend this book to anyone and everyone, especially to those with an open mind and a sense of humor!