Sinister Shape Shift: Dark Memories of a Past Life

ABOUT Sachita Ramdin

Sachita Ramdin



Do we ever remember our past lives? Sometimes there seems to come to us a flash of recollection, a momentary lifting of the veil, a half remembered face or again the feeling that some place is familiar though we have never seen it before. Sinister Shape Shift is the gripping story of, Syrena, only daughter of a rich industrialist, Vickaro, grandson of Syrena’s nursemaid. The unbreakable childhood friendship between the two kids annoys the businessman, Bamoran, who tries everything possible to separate their growing fondness for each other. He even threatens to throw the nursemaid out of the house. And yet, Bamoran dotes on his only daughter and finds himself powerless vis à vis her whims and tantrums. However, Destiny follows her own course and the children do get distanced from each other, caught by the twists of Fate and entangled in the whirlwinds of Time. Syrena, in spite of losing her memory, keeps yearning for something she feels she has lost but cannot remember what. Childhood friendship matures into a love that neither the hands of Destiny can shatter nor the fingers of Death can touch. While the children get physically separated, their souls continue to hunger for each other. Set against the tropical backdrop of Havena Island, Sinister Shape Shift is an untold story––with a hefty dose of the extraordinary––of love, loss, and wonder; of memory and soul loss, of shamanic journeys to the secret Other World and the Power Animals beyond the ordinary Reality; of shape shifts and past-life memories. It is a paranormal romance novel with an unusual love story is connected to the ancient mythical tales featuring thought-provoking wisdom on karma, on the effect from cause, on life and death and also on controversial mythical knowledge. In a unique take on romantic storytelling, this weeping novel introduces readers to a preternatural ancient world where mythical creatures like the hundred year cobra, shift between man and reptile. In this entrancing novel, the author captures the reader’s imagination as she goes along, drawing that silver line which connects man with his destiny–– a destiny he was born to fulfill; a destiny which cannot be tampered with.