Savage Hills (Savage Horde Book 1)

ABOUT Chris Bostic

Chris Bostic
Chris Bostic was born in the suburbs of Chicago. Though not completely set against the urban lifestyle, the lure of the country was much stronger. After college in central and southern Illinois, he ended up in the suburbs of St. Louis, where he gets away to rural Missouri as often as he ca More...


Savage Hills…where survival is incidental to the mission, and the mission just became ten thousand times harder.

The Republic’s kids were soft. Technology had made them weak. Pushbutton war was a great concept, and indeed had let them steamroll many a weaker nation. But the Regulators weren’t made for this kind of war. The kind that required an iron will and a reservoir of endurance. Legions of troops would have been helpful too, but the Republic had been too decimated from years of empire-building to offer more than teens like Joe to the fight.

And then the savages attacked with a fury never imagined.

Joe could spit again and again and never rid himself of the stench of death. Nothing could take back what he’d seen. Too many friends and so many savages had lost their pathetic lives in some forsaken canyon behind enemy lines. Savage Hills, indeed.