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Chris Bostic
Chris Bostic was born in the suburbs of Chicago. Though not completely set against the urban lifestyle, the lure of the country was much stronger. After college in central and southern Illinois, he ended up in the suburbs of St. Louis, where he gets away to rural Missouri as often as he ca More...



Jake, Luke, and Kevin headed out a few days early for Grandpa’s old cabin. After some spooky conversation about a twenty-year-old murder, scaring themselves silly, the guys spent the night in a marathon gaming session.

Jake thought they needed to actually do something, something fun, but when they hiked down to the dock to put the canoes in the water, they discovered something totally not fun:

A body in the lake.

After all the stories, a couple of creepy visitors that morning, and an actual dead body, they were all ready to go home.

But things got worse. Much worse.