Learn Kannada in 30 Days Through English (English and Kannada Edition)


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Dimensions: 21.4x14x1.1 cm - English - Romanized - Kannada text - alphabets - Words - Grammar - Sentences - Conversation - Table of Contents PART 1- ALPHABET Welcome you all Alphabet Consonants How to Write alphabet Vowels & Their Abbreviated Forms Conjuncts The Parts of speech Gender Number Cases & Declention of Nouns PART 2- WORDS Pronoun Adjective Verb Tense (1) Tense (2) Voice Auxiliary Verbs Other parts of speech Cardinal Numerals Often confused words PART 3-CLASSIFIED SENTENCES Useful expressions Imperative Sentences Present Tense Future Tense Past Tense (1) Past Tense (2) Interrogative Sentences (1) Interrogative Sentences (2) Interrogative Sentences (3) Negative Sentences PART 4- SITUATIONAL SENTENCES At Home Shopping Craftsmen Foods & Drinks Hotel & restaurant Post Office/Telephone/Bank While Travelling Health & Hygiene Weather Time PART 5- CONVERSATION Let us talk Between Two Friends About Money On the Bus Asking the Way Making A Trip The Villager & The Urbanite The doctor & The Patient Self-introduction APPENDIX Idioms & proverbs Kannada-English Dictionary Some Important Kannada Verbs

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