ABOUT Priscilla Melinda Visser

Priscilla Melinda Visser
I'm Priscilla Melinda Visser from Stellenbosch in Cape Town South Africa. By day I'm an account and loving mother and wife... But after hours I kick off my heels and allow the words and pages to transport me to a world where I can become anyone I want to be. From an assassin with amnesia o More...



“Ice Princess. Unobtainable. Bitch. Conceited. Control-freak. Witch. These are just some of the words you would hear out of people’s mouths when you mention the name Annabelle Spencer. It was a name that people steered clear of; a person nobody took the time to get to know, but everyone had something to say about but Annabelle Spencer was the name I had said over and over in my dreams. She was the one girl I had always dreamt of being with. So naturally when she never showed a shred of interest in me I had to move on, but I guess somewhere inside me her name still owned my heart.”

When Adam and Jane Spencer welcomed their daughter into this world under the harshest of circumstances they never thought that their love story would impact her life so dramatically. Saving herself for the right man was never the intention of Jane Brewster at the time, all she wanted was to be with someone who wanted more from her than what her body offered and telling her daughter that she was a virgin when she had met her father might not have been the wisest thing she could have done. This became the basis for her life and her fuel with which she drove her way through life and all the challenges it had laid out for her on her way and she made sure she steered clear of the “norm” as being normal to her threatened her chances of being successful and great.

Annabelle was a smart child who knew that hard work pays off and had devoted her entire existence on becoming the best. After becoming so consumed in her schooling Annabelle had lost most of herself and her loved ones in the books she read and the equations she mastered. Being a genius would however not prepare her for the unstoppable force of nature. Love.
After many years of suppressing the idea of love and being loved, it comes knocking on her door in the form of a beautiful blue eyed god-like rugby buffoon who oozes sexy and lust filled desires driven by a tale as old as time which sets her heart ablaze. Annabelle soon realizes that all the time she had spent on becoming one of the worlds most brilliant minds is no measure to the wanting and acceptance of love which had awoken inside her when she is faced with the realization that the time to transition to the new phase of her life had approached and is in full view.

As Annabelle tries hard to stay focused and remain faithful to her vow of being a virgin until she had met the right man she begins to question her reasons for ever embarking on this quest and is soon faced with a more deadly and life changing dilemma which she never saw coming. Realizing that shutting the world out had not in anyway protected her against everyone still looking into her life and now she has to come to grips with the fact that even though the world and everyone in it was to her for the most of her life invisible; she was never invisible to the world and all she had done to shut out the norm was never ever worth it and could all be in vain.

Will Annabelle choose to be loved or will the love she has so unnoticeably rejected eventually destroy her.