Speedy and Splash Have a Race

ABOUT Helena Harper

Helena Harper
I'm a poet, children's author and teacher. My aim with my writing is to try to give people joy, laughter, some food for thought, and to try and bring some inspiring messages to my readers. I like to write poetry for adults and picture books/early readers. My first two books are┬ástories in More...



Speedy and Splash, like all raindrops, love to race, but Splash has never won a race and how he would love to win - just once! But it seems that this time he's not going to be lucky either. He has all kinds of problems to overcome - a leaf blocking his path, an argument between a snail and a caterpillar, and a mysterious monster. Then, finally, when his luck seems to be on the turn, something totally unexpected happens that puts all thoughts of winning right out of his head and Speedy's as well. In the end they realise that if they work together and achieve together, then they feel good together - and no one is a loser ever again!