All Sleep

Mystery & Thrillers, Horror, General Fiction

By AC Moyer

Publisher : Aurelia Press


AC Moyer
AC Moyer attends New York University, Tisch School of the Arts for a BFA in Dramatic Writing. Her play, Grave, premiered at the Goldberg Play festival in 2016.



"Misfortune comes from having a body."
All Sleep is a book of psychological thrillers.

Floaties: a psychiatrist takes on a patient whom he suspects murdered her own baby.
A Doll's Grave: a young girl who suffers from Stone Man Syndrome becomes imprisoned by her own skeleton.
Nymphets: a sociopathic model agent confesses the recruitment story of a thirteen-year-old girl.
Blood Testing: a patient struggles to receive a diagnosis in his pediatrician's office.

All Sleep is a dark thriller with psychopathic tendencies.

"Each story is entirely unapolagetic in its dark take on the psychological, revealing the inticracies of psychopathy in its characters and reveling in the everyday grotesque." -- Amazon Reviewer

"Tight thrillers with some dark dread sprinkled on top... I almost expected this book to be written by an established author working under a pseudonym." -- Reindert