Kingdom Come: Book1- Abaddon ( Urban/ Apocalyptic Fantasy)

ABOUT Stephen Trayner

Stephen Trayner
Father, husband, worker, painter, and now author... A restless soul who none-the-less would take Olympic gold in any procrastination event! With a full 13 years from initial writing to imagination now belongs to you as well. Please enjoy!



The New post apocalyptic sensation!

Choose to survive! Fight to Live!

Armageddon was just the start!

Scrabbling for survival in a world gone dark, Kane’s unexpected discovery will set him on a journey for answers through a blasted landscaped of never ending winter and dead cities, into bloody war and chaos...against enemies known when the world was young but long dismissed as myth.

Hanging on at the edge of existence, being human will take on a whole new meaning

With a breathless pace sweeping you along through Kane’s odyssey towards unknown ends, and action that will leave you raw, Kingdom Come: Book 1-Abaddon will draw you into a broken world and the people left behind as they struggle to survive a war they were never meant to see.
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“Brilliant, really well written story.”
“…the tension builds and builds to an epic finale.”
“This book has kept me on the edge of my seat from the first page to the last.”