The Ultimate! Diminished Scale Coloring Book

ABOUT Bobby Stern

Bobby Stern
I'm a long time professional saxophonist, jazz player, educator, Bari Woodwinds endorser and also the author of (besides "Slick Licks That Stick!")  "The Melodic Minor Handbook: A Jazz Player's Perspective" published by Jamey Aebersold Jazz, which was my first book.More...



"The Ultimate! Diminished Scale Coloring Book” by saxophonist Bobby Stern is the most comprehensive exploration and presentation to date of one of the core elements of any contemporary improviser’s toolbox - the octatonic Diminished Scale.

The roughly 350 pages of musical description and examples contained within represent not only the traditional view of this colorful and mysterious symmetric scale, but also its less explored native pentatonic, hexatonic, as well as its various three and four note derivations.

Here, you'll discover that “diminished” is not the only color in the Diminished Scale’s palette!

The exercises, phrases and sequences included here were chosen not only for their functionality in building ear training and instrumental technique, but also because they simply sound great - which is to say that making them part of your regular practice routine can be fun, challenging and inspiring, all at once.

As with Vol. 1 & 2 of “Slick Licks That Stick!”, each of the examples is built from all 12 points of the chromatic scale; and can easily be adapted to suit any instrument and level of ability.

The Ultimate! Diminished Scale Coloring Book” is fully printable with interactive navigational links within the book itself, and is again formatted for optimum viewing on your mobile device. Set on a music stand, and the need for scrolling is kept to a minimum.