Behind the Eclipse

ABOUT Author Pramudith Rupasinghe

Author Pramudith Rupasinghe
The Sri Lankan author PRAMUDITH D RUPASINGHE is considered one of the emerging authors of our times. His books have sold worldwide, have been released internationally and been translated into several languages. 



Tamba, later known as George, unveils his jaw-dropping story of surviving Ebola, which is an experience of virtual rebirth. It is astounding to know how he maintains his stamina to continue his journey along the rugged pathway of life as an Ebola survivor for the sake of the two sons left with him after the tragic death of his wife, Aminatta, and the daughter of Kumba, his first love.

This semifiction stretches the full length through the West African Ebola Crisis, revealing the unheard to its readers while challenging the belief that Ebola is new to West Africa.

Ultimately, Tamba wins his battle of life, and he says, "I want my story to be heard by the entire world. Life is a battle, which one has to fight even when in the jaws of defeat, and one can't be selfish to give it up as it is for those whom we love and care for."