I'm Still Here: What Didn't Kill Me Made Me Stronger & Sharper

ABOUT Tamyara Brown

Tamyara Brown
Tamyara admits her journey has not always been easy raising a family of six. She has face obstacles such as being a survivor of Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence and being homeless. Now taking care of a son who suffers from a rare Kidney disease Focal Segmental Glomersclersois and Nephrotic More...



At the gestational age of 26 weeks a late term abortion was performed. Jensen "Brick" McCall survived. Nurse Grace called his mother to let her know her baby was still alive and the mother said, "let him die." Twenty -five years later he is on a mission to meet his murderer and get an answer to one question. He decides to take a Greyhound trip to California where he meets misfit Janae Morrison a drug addict and cutter who running from her demons. Discoveries of the truth, faced with the decision on whether to give life to the person who wanted him dead. Fighting his feelings for the misfit Janae Morrison while rebuilding his life, and not being recruited into his old lifestyle. All in All he will understand what didn't kill him only made him stronger and sharper!