Fat Girl Vigilante: Insanity At Its Finest!

Fat Girl Vigilante: Insanity At Its Finest!

ABOUT Tamyara Brown

Tamyara Brown
Tamyara admits her journey has not always been easy raising a family of six. She has face obstacles such as being a survivor of Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence and being homeless. Now taking care of a son who suffers from a rare Kidney disease Focal Segmental Glomersclersois and Nephrotic More...



Michelle Sargent is haunted by a deep family secret she is forced to conceal from the time she was eleven years old. She lives in fear of what might happen to her if she reveals the identity of the woman known as The Fat Girl Vigilante. A woman who brutally and callously murders men and women throughout Buffalo, New York. The same woman who heartlessly killed Michelle's father. Patricia Sargent will stop at nothing to seek revenge on those who robbed her of the father she loved dearly. Recognizing that revenge is dish best served warm, she sets out on her own personal quest for justice. Detective Bishop Jones and Detective Ricardo Hernandez are assigned to investigate a string of murders linked to what appears to be a serial killer named The Fat Girl Vigilante. With little to go on besides a general description, they work tirelessly to arrest the killer before the next body turns up. The Detectives are shocked when they discover the deception, and corruption that ascend from the top offices of Buffalo's dignitaries. However, they realize they must go above and beyond the call of duty to save the men and women of Buffalo from the woman who is hell bent on destroying them.