Demon Seekers: The Journey Begins

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By June Lundgren

Publisher : ingram books

ABOUT June Lundgren

June Lundgren
June Lundgren is a psychic-medium, animal communicator, healer, professional nurse and author. She comes from a long line of psychic women. Mentored by her maternal grandmother, June learned at an early age to use her gifts to help others.
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Sayetta is an archangel who has been sent into the physical world to seek out eight archangels who have been reborn into the world. She knows that she cannot do it in the form of an angel so she takes on a human form to move through among us in the physical world. Gabe a mortal has the soul of a warrior angel. He is reborn in physical form to prepare for her coming. He is born with abilities that he is unaware he has.

All of his life Gabe had been having dreams of a ruined church. He never knew the name of the church, but the dream was always the same. In the dream, he was standing facing the ruins of the church. But he didn’t look like a human. Instead, he was an angel with pure white wings and a golden countenance. Another much larger angel appeared to him. The angel pointed towards what was left of the door and said “Enter, your journey has just begun and your guide awaits you.

Sayetta finds out from Archangel Michael that Lucifer has sent an old demon to find and stop Auriel from removing the demons he has imprisoned in the earth.

They receive a little help from the Archangels Azuriel and Gabriel as they journey to locate Auriel. It’s a race to find Auriel before the demon does. In the end, it’s a battle between two powerful beings, one good and one evil.

The story is based on my experiences with archangels, demons and the paranormal. As a psychic medium and paranormal investigator of over 30 years