Goodbye Arizona

ABOUT Claude Dancourt

Claude Dancourt
Canadian with a passion for words and applied science. Indiana Jones' fanatic. Still looking to build a time machine. Love music, Ceylan tea, and Hazelnuts flavored coffee. Housing one plant and a cat with an attitude. Addicted to Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Magnum P.I. Team Loki.  Go Habs!



The last time free-lance journalist Deborah Stone invaded Marcus Turner Jr.’s privacy, it nearly cost her their relationship. If he finds her this time, she has little hope their love affair will survive. But she can’t resist a mystery, and Marcus’s presence at the annual Romance Society’s gathering falls right into that category. Does he know anything about the threat against the nominees for the famous Sue’s award? Deb is determined to get to the bottom of this story, no matter the consequences.

Marcus plans to rock the small world of Romantic Suspense, and he can’t afford having Deborah blow his cover before he’s ready to make his move. Unfortunately, he’s never been able to resist her, in or out of bed. He needs a chance to win her back before his plan backfires. But with one author dead and another in the hospital, the clock is already ticking down.