Lost & Found: An Alien Adventure

ABOUT Charles Weinblatt

Charles Weinblatt
Charles S. Weinblatt was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1952. He is a retired university administrator. Weinblatt is the author of published fiction and non-fiction. His biography appears in Wikipedia, the Marquis Who's Who in America, and he is a reviewer for The New York Journal of Books. He wr More...



From extraordinary technology and horrific monsters to alien races bent upon conquest, "Lost & Found" enables the reader to imagine with unlimited potential. Despite all of the possibilities, we are left with the decision to conquer all who are different, or to develop interspecies communication and tolerance. In Lost & Found, an American astronaut faces love and death in an alien body. Lost & Found is based in large part on solid scientific facts and NASA research. This is a tale of suspense, love, war and survival in deep space where no human has ventured before. Based upon plausible future scientific advances, an American astronaut finds his consciousness downloaded into a cloned alien body. This requires him to learn to use his new body, acquire a new language and read alien words. He eventually finds himself leader of a fighter squadron for an alien species that seems similar to Western societies on Earth. They espouse freedom, liberty and democracy. But almost nothing is known about the hated enemy on the other side of the planet. Shot down over enemy territory, our astronaut is badly injured, pursued by the enemy and horrific jungle monsters. Captured, he falls in love with the daughter of his captor. Deeply entrenched social overtones will appeal to the discriminating science-fiction reader. Hate is easier than tolerance; when the tables are turned, our hero becomes the only emissary on the planet who can lead the alien species to peace.
Lost & Found: An Alien Adventure. In Lost & Found, an American astronaut faces love and death in an alien body on a distant planet. This is a tale of suspense, love, intolerance, war and survival, where no human has ventured before.