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Steve Lindahl
Hopatcong Vision Quest recently won an EVVY Merit Award in the historical fiction category from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association. This novel is Steve Lindahl's third, his first with Solstice Publishing. Steve Lindahl's first two novels, Motherless Soul and White Horse Regr More...


"An enticing, engaging novel" / "...deftly plotted and extremely well written" / "A fascinating view of ancient tribal beliefs bleeding into the present day."
With the help of a hypnotist, Diane, Ryan, and Martha look into their hidden memories, hoping to use past life experiences to solve the murders of two people they loved. The trail to the justice they seek runs through a life they shared hundreds of years earlier, in a Native American village.
Oota Dabun, Diane's counterpart in her past life, always dreamed of having a vision quest, a rite normally reserved for the young men of her village. This Lenape woman reaches for her dream in an unusual and compassionate fashion which teaches Diane a great deal about the capacity of the soul they share.