ABOUT Aki Yamaguchi

Aki  Yamaguchi



Sometimes, it seems Heaven has a leak, and angels fall through. Aki Yamaguchi, a shy immigrant woman from Japan meets one in the form of a dog. Aki brings home Jazzy, a timid Border Collie pup bred solely for profit, with countless behavioral problems. Refusing to give up on her, Aki trains herself to train and develop Jazzy until they became inseparable working partners, serving the community in search and rescue and as a therapy dog team. Ultimately, Aki knows she is the one whose life Jazzy blesses forever, and she shares their story in this touching photographic memoir. HEART DOG--ANGEL IN DISGUISE takes you deep into the dog-human partnership and a love that transcends life's boundaries. Aki is a professional dog trainer and photographer. Follow her story on Instagram/Bordernerd.