Humor, General Fiction

By Tolar Miles

Publisher : TouchPoint Press

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Tolar Miles
  Biography Tolar Miles is a freelance writer and author who grew up along Florida's gulf coast. She studied creative writing at Florida State University. Tolar is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Southern Writers Gallery of Stars and Souther More...



Boring would never be a word used to describe Delta Bulloch and her friends. As soon as Delta hears of a possible murder, the memorable road trips begin. You’ll meet handsome Calvin Sherman, Mason’s father from New Orleans, Louisiana who Delta refers to as “The Devil.” Miss Mincy, who is possibly the most loved character from the book “Mud Marbles,” makes a few appearances and gives her advice as Delta visits her family in Cotton Tree, Alabama. During Delta’s adventures, there are a few people who would prefer for her to disappear completely. Delta manages to maintain her southern wit and charm through it all. As active members of Savannah’s Garden Club, Delta and Betsey keep things lively at the monthly meetings. Like most southern households, hospitality abounds. Delta has help with her hospitality as she frequents the famous River Street Sweets® of Savannah, Georgia. She loves everything they offer but her favorite is their Praline pound cake. Her son Mason has labeled River Street Sweets® as the best candy store in the whole wide world. Join Delta, Maelynn, and Betsey as they travel through the historic cities of Savannah, Georgia to New Orleans, Louisiana, all the way down to Key West, Florida, where Delta and Maelynn jump ship onto another adventure.


Delta is a character from my debut novel, Mud Marbles. She is a fun loving character and needed her own book!

Delta was awarded the Five Star Readers Favorite Award! 


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