Nancy Morris: Book 1 of the SEOS trilogy

ABOUT Nancy Morris

Nancy Morris
I am a teacher of English at a secondary school in Portsmouth; children's writer of paranormal fiction and a student of html. Also, I am happily married; we¬†share a family of animals: two crazy cats, a beautiful black cocker-spaniel (who is also my partner in crime) and a plethora of fis More...



How can a top grade pupil's life spiral so out of control?

Meet Joel: successful student, popular amongst his peers and all-round achiever and follow his life from the boy who had it all to the boy who had nothing...

It all started with the game, the one he hadn't wanted to buy at the car boot sale but, despite this, fate had rolled the dice and his life had never been the same again. That was the day he stole for the first time, lied for the first time and, unbeknowest to him, the day he let a demon into his life; a demon who's sole purpose was to destroy him and all of the people he loved.

His life was now controlled by the chance cards - each one involving a challenge that kept his loved ones alive but stole another piece of who he was. They whittled him down to nothing, just a bad boy with a disappointing report card and no friends. That's why Lucia was so important to him; she was his first girlfriend and the only person who really knew him - he had let her in on his secret and she had actually believed him. She was his only hope!

Joel stared at the night sky on the eve of the last card - the card that would decide everything and he couldn't bring himself to turn it over. When he did, he knew that the clock would start ticking and he would have to make terrible decisions to keep his loved ones alive!

Read the book if you dare, turn the cards with Joel and follow him on this terrifying journey as he pits his own life against that of a demon's. Can he save himself? Can he save his family? Will Lucia save the day?