Timothy, the Shooting Star: A Social Story about Autism

Timothy, the Shooting Star: A Social Story about Autism

ABOUT Christie Elam

Christie Elam


Loud noises and social situations make Timothy, an elephant with autism, very uncomfortable.

The challenges of autism make him shake his trunk back and forth to soothe his anxiety. This makes others laugh and tease him.

Timothy's favorite subject, outer space, becomes a way to connect with the other animals in the African Savanna.

One evening, a shooting star changes everything!

Find out how Timothy discovers his own worth and gains the respect of others.

"This story gives a voice to kids who may have a hard time finding their own. Timothy the Elephant gifts autistic children with a better understanding of themselves and others. It also provides caregivers with a helpful tool in getting to know the precious kids with whom they are sharing the story." - Naomi, proud mom of a son with autism


Savanna Tales

Timothy, The Shooting Star is the first book in the Savanna Tales series, which focuses on the unique and sometimes challenging behaviors of children with emotional or behavioral disorders. The goal is to help children connect to the characters in a way that embraces their differences, and celebrates them as special and precious creations.

Christie Elam, Ed.D., has served in public schools for over 16 years. She is the president and consultant of the nonprofit organization Hannah's Child Educational Consulting, Inc., as well as the director of the Horizons Program at Tipton Christian Academy in Covington, Tennessee. She has always had a great passion for working with children, especially those needing a little extra support. Dr. Elam is a pastor's wife and has two precious daughters.