The War On Us

ABOUT Black Barbie

Black Barbie
Author Black Barbie's, legal name is Ebony S. Wallace. Author Black Barbie is an Independent Self-Published Author, her first book was Published with Raquel William's Presents, titled "Schemin' On The Low," Author Black Barbie Resides In America.


We all go through life trying to survive under various circumstances, due to corrupt situations. Living in poverty is a war within itself when it comes to living in a multi-culture community. Intimidation and peer pressure can become exhausting when it becomes accustomed to our way of living. In a community that's gripped by poverty and drugs, the younger generation will soon glorify the older generation for their illegal hustling, and for the flamboyant way that the older generation flaunts their illicit living. With a community dabbling in various types of illegal activity, Captain Newman had always had the last say as to who did what within his jurisdiction. The police of the community were hired by the community, to protect and serve the community. However, Captain Newman had trained his police team to taunt and intimidate the city that he was patrolling. Learn to understand the various lifestyles of Tray'Sean, Jamal, and Charles. Understand how a corrupted policed department had once incited and influenced them.