Disposable Heroes

ABOUT John Gorman

John Gorman
Before John's stories made it into print he snapped the Eyesore of the week for the Queens Ledger. He's author of the novels Shades of Luz and Disposable Heroes. His newly released Fantasy/Adevnture novel The Acolyte & The Amulet is the first of a 6-part Nebilon Series. John's stories  More...



Everybody in Mamajuana believes Gil is Rolo Peña the soccer star who has recently gone missing. When Gil is offered a handsome bribe to pose as the kidnapped star, he doesn't shy away. He needs the money, and is intrigued by the challenge. For the first time, he feels like he's making something out of his crummy life. He thrives on the cheers and sometimes even believes he's Mamajauana's big hero. Curiosity drives him to find out what happened to the real Rolo so Gil begins to pursue the missing player's trail, all the while honoring his commitment to the crooked officials. When he meets Rolo's girlfriend, Millie, at a charming beach town, Gil knows he's doomed. He falls in love with her, and his conscience goes into a tailspin. Then he meets the real Rolo Peña and fireworks spew.

Told from a slightly nutty narrative, Disposable Heroes is an emotional journey tour de force.