Omni Legends - The Commander: Synthium (Omni Legends EN Book 3)

Omni Legends - The Commander: Synthium (Omni Legends EN Book 3)

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The dishonored soldier Carter Sanders is recruited by a galactic special unit after one year in prison. Following unique training with the famous war monks of the T'zun cat race, he is sent on dangerous missions behind enemy lines.

In search of the origin of the mysterious technology of the hostile Lorgans, he is drawn unplanned into the battle of the three worlds and must fight with old and new friends for his survival.

Carter unveils an ancient secret and puts everything at risk as he enters battle during the invasion of the enemy. At the height of the war, amid victims and desperate battles, he must realize that there is no way back.

This is the third book of the Omni Legends EN series.