ABOUT Tracey Morait

Tracey Morait
UK Liverpool-born author of books for children and teens


Alisha Dainton has severe epilepsy, so she's used to having seizures. Sometimes she even has weird visions and hears strange noises. After a particularly bad episode on holiday in Cyprus, what she sees and hears makes her think she's going mad: who is the beautiful girl with the see-through eyes, multi-coloured hair and rainbow and the half-woman, half-bird creature singing by the hotel pool, and just why has she been chosen to go back in time to ancient Sparta to help save a princess called Helen? Either Ali is having some sort of bizarre dream, or she's about to have an amazing adventure that might change the entire story of the Trojan War.

I have epilepsy and an interest in ancient Greek literature, so I decided to combine the two to create a children's time travel adventure where Ali's powerful seizures take her back through time to the days before the Trojan war. I have used this theme before in Epiworld. Episode is not a sequel, but I have reintroduced the character of Travis as Ali's guide and mentor and mercilessly used the gods as a way of influencing the story, as the ancient Greeks did.