APEX RISEN (The Redux Protocol Book 1)

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"The bastard child of a marriage between Jack Reacher and Westworld! Had to keep reminding myself to breathe..." - Christopher Cartwright, The Sam Reilly Series

"You're sure she will feel pain..?"

The words of his boss should have bothered Ivan Petrovic. As it was, he was too distracted by what was in the crate to absorb them fully. The special delivery for the volatile Chicago mobster, Dimitri Molenski, had just been opened and revealed the most perfect woman Ivan had ever seen... except she was no woman, it was a machine. A perfect human form robot.

Molenski's strange behaviour at the sight of his custom-made 'Sinthetica' robot at first intrigued Ivan, then downright scared him. His ominous words made it clear that the machine was no mere sex bot and that there was something far more sinister at play.

The mystery would have to wait though, Ivan doesn't realize it then, but opening the crate had set in motion a chain of events that may just bring Molenski's empire crashing down on both their heads.

Praise for Apex: Risen

  • Pulp Fiction meets I, Robot. Awesome! A fresh take on AI and techno thrillers, with some love and redemption thrown in. Plenty of blood and cruelty and a twist I didn't see coming.
  • Mind blown! So fast paced and fun. Could not believe the ending!
  • Isaac Asimov's I-Robot this is not! An evil Russian, a beautiful female android, and a resolved hero. One of the best treatments of the genre I've read.

If you're a fan of Altered Carbon, Dredd, Blade Runner, The Terminator or the Murderbot series, you'll love this near future thrill ride - book 2 is coming in early 2020

*Warning: This is an author cut new edition of the original version entitled "Inga", it contains graphic depictions of violence and strong language.