Love Has Many Faces: When you find a friend, you find a circle of love

Love Has Many Faces: When you find a friend, you find a circle of love

ABOUT Denise Turney

Denise Turney
Denise Turney is a journalist, editor, full-time freelance writer and avid book reader. Turney is also the author of the books Love Pour Over Me (new book!), Portia, Long Walk Up, Spiral, Love Has Many Faces, Rosetta's Great Hope (children's book) and Gada's Glory. She is also the host of More...



Perfect blend of romance, mystery, sex, murder and celebrity!
You should discover this page turning murder mystery, rich with celebrity appearances, music, sexual energy and a haunting family secret. This book is a show stopper, a real adrenaline ride. Love Has Many Faces showcases the best classic 1980s culture -fueled with the greed of a relentless bully father and a real anti-hero hit man.

This thriller murder mystery takes you deep inside the world of celebrity.  When an iron-willed, globally famous actress finds herself left out of A level movie deals, buried beneath millions of dollars of loans and credit card debt and struggling to pay her car note, she places an ad for a roommate in New York City's The Daily Times. A student attending New York University (NYU), a naive woman dreaming of becoming a sought-after celebrity playwright, responds to the desperate ad, and the future for both women changes forever.  

But, do these women belong together. Money, hot, steamy sexual affairs and fame can't fix the torrid ills that shroud the duo. Their social and cultural backgrounds are worlds apart. Their family pasts hold perilous, dark secrets. 

After they lock themselves into a legally binding lease in New York City's Manhattan,the women, one naive and eager, the other seasoned and disillusioned, are forced to build a bridge of friendship.  Love Has Many Faces paints the power of that enduring friendship.  The celebrity actress and the new playwright achieve what many thought impossible, what many across the world struggle to experience, only to have an event from the actress' past come back to haunt them to a dreadful end, creating an unspeakable murder mystery.