ABOUT Maha Al Fahim

Maha Al Fahim
Maha Al Fahim graduated with the highest honors in Public Policy from Princeton University. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in International Policy at Stanford University.



In a small village in Henan province, China, a farmer yearns for a son to bring his family power and negate past injustices. When a girl is born instead, he defies destiny and raises his daughter, Li, as a boy, then entreats the monks of the famed Shaolin temple to make Li into a Shaolin warrior.

Years of intense physical, mental, and spiritual training hone Li’s skills and talents, but she struggles beneath the weight of the profound secret she harbors. When fate makes her path and a Hollywood magnate’s cross, she embarks on a life-altering series of adventures in America, where her spiritual upbringing and materialist desires clash. Only after traveling a dark and lonely road will she awaken to her true self and purpose.

An exploration of family, human frailties, resilience, and redemption, Shaolina will inspire readers to break free from the scripts written for them and embrace life on their own terms.

SHAOLINA I came across this book by chance while in pursuit for a motivating and thought-provoking novel. And what a surprise! This book was unlike any other book that I have read, and has taken a life of its own. Shaolina combines an atmosphere of spirituality with China's Shaolin Temple (the home of Zen Buddhism and Kung Fu) and the glitz and glam of Hollywood celebrities following the adventures of the protagonist "Li". Everyone can relate to the book in some way. The book gets more engaging with time and the plot twists keep you on the edge of your seat. I appreciated how the author is actually knowledgeable about martial arts (she had experience training at the Temple!) and the interesting insights about the monastery. The writing style itself at times reads like a piece of art. I found myself pausing to reflect several times on certain sentences. Here's some: " Our breaking point is our making point" and "Sometimes we sleepwalk through life, and only when we are about to die do we truly awaken." A very inspiring and positive novel. Highly recommend it for anyone looking for an original, uplifting and action-packed book.