Notes on a Hospitalized Pregnant Woman

ABOUT Claudia Turner

Claudia Turner



"Claudia Turner used her months in the hospital waiting, hoping, to give birth by writing a unique, heart wrenching memoir. Words such as fearless, honest, and courageous best describe this work of art. It is a book to be savored."- Tim Sandlin, author of Skipped Parts In a work that beautifully demonstrates the rewards of detaching from the daily grind and connecting with yourself, Claudia Turner shares an inspiring and intimate story of her two months living at St. Mark's Hospital, awaiting the birth of her daughter Dakota. While preeclampsia, a pregnancy illness, keeps her bedridden, Turner contemplates everything from the history of childbirth to witchcraft, introversion, existentialism, Parisian parenting tricks and her husband's struggles with alcoholism. As a result, she discovers the depth and turbulence of her own mind while kept in the confines of a single hospital room. Curious about the nurses, the janitors, and her own restless brain, Turner becomes an introspective and humorous observer, offering a thoughtful and honest glimpse into the curious life of a pregnant woman. Notes on a Hospitalized Pregnant Woman is a touching exploration of patience and perspective, showing us how a a break from the world can bring us more connected to it, while providing a closer look into what it means to be fully alive.