Golf Doesn't Have To Suck: My Journey From Very Average to Pretty Damn Good - How to Simplify the Game and Lower your Score

ABOUT Connor Moore

Connor Moore
Connor Moore, former collegiate baseball national champion, turned damn good above-average weekend golfer. Interested in helping friends and average golfers-alike improve their golf game and have fun on the course. Open to feedback, and hearing other's opinions if interested in leaving a r More...



Beginner and average golfers - Learn how to improve your score and confidence on the course in this short read. 

I'll take you through the approach I utilized to go from very average to pretty damn good.  A relatable golf book for the average player looking to improve their game.  For most of us, understanding and implementing swing mechanics from a book is not an effective method for improvement.  I went from an eighteen to a three handicap without obsessing over the mechanics of the game.  If I can do it, so can you.  This short, ‘no fluff’ book will offer a different approach to simplify the game and lower your score.