Nia The Narwhal Explores The Christmas Ocean

Nia The Narwhal Explores The Christmas Ocean

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As the cold season creeps in, Nia the narwhal is feeling the festive cheer. But why? Well, Nia loves this time of year because she can visit the beautiful coral reef – the bright and vivid colors make it look like a “Christmas ocean” all year round.

Along the way, Nia meets up with her amazing friends, including a starfish, an electric ray, a dogfish shark and even a saltwater catfish! They all exchange Christmas gifts, and Nia is so thankful to have such incredible friends.

Enjoy the beauty of the “Christmas ocean” with stunning, colorful illustrations in this children’s picture book, while teaching your children about coral reefs. You’re never too young or too old to learn about the importance of ocean health!

The bouncy and fun story will keep your little ones engaged and they won’t even realize they are learning! This makes it perfect for story time or even bedtime reading.

  • Suitable for ages 3-7
  • Short sentences are perfect for young readers
  • Build reading confidence and expand their vocabulary
  • Common ‘sight words’ are highlighted to help with memorization and recognition
  • Learn interesting facts about the coral reef and the animals who live there
  • BONUS coloring pages included for the paperback version