Horse Lead to Water

Humor, General Fiction

By Adam T Brown

Publisher : Adam T. Brown Publish

Horse Lead to Water

ABOUT Adam T Brown

Adam T Brown


A fabled troglodyte fears missing out. Wishing to put one pant leg on at a time like everyone else, he tolerates company. Around people he observes their standards and identifies his own standing. He grapples with identity. He fights to be formidable. He learns to not be so alarmingly decisive.

The troglodyte and his house are far removed from the neighborly town. In a place where everyone knows everyone, those not in the know are known about. Hoping to form an objective perspective on social life proves difficult. The troglodyte is subjected to overly empathic people who try their best to socialize him.

Through adventuring, the troglodyte decides if he had reason to worry.

Will this troglodyte look through people or will he return their smiles? Will one hand wash the other?

The answers and more. And more questions.

"The book is very well written. Excellent use of the English language.
Very interesting, entertaining. One can visualize clearly what is happening
as the story unfolds. A great experience in one person's life,
which can pertain to any of us." - A Reader


"The author's word choice and interpretation of human nature is eye opening and spot on. A very entertaining story about the likeable troglodyte who changes lives with subtle observations. The book had me laughing and left me rethinking my own approach to experiences I've had and will have!" - A Reader


"I enjoyed the story very much! The main character takes interest in the world around him and the people he meets as he reenters society after many years alone. The author uses descript and philosophical viewpoints of the main character as he encounters these people and comes up with ideas for different situations that makes the reader think and laugh at the satire of it all! Well written and well done!" - A Reader


"Enjoyed this book very much and was very impressed that this is a new author with so much insight and descriptive prose! The main character leaves the simple quiet world he knows and encounters new people and situations and comes up with ideas and simple solutions to everyday life. It makes the reader think and laugh at the satire and philosophical outlook this character has!" - A Reader