Amazing Animal Funphabets

Amazing Animal Funphabets

ABOUT Athena Goodman

Athena Goodman
Athena Goodman has published many books in various genres from Children's books to Ficition, Mysteries and Motivaitonal. She is a missionary who utilizes her skills and talents to help empower youth globally.



Little Jayanzi is excited to go to school. Today he gets to learn the alphabet in an unusual way. “If the alphabet were animals what would they be?”, the teacher asks. Jayanzi eagerly runs upfront to share his thoughts.

From Alligators with big teeth and Bats that can fly in the dark, to Wolves that would protect him and stripey Zebras that could play the keyboard, he delivers each letter in turn and receives an ovation from his friends when he finishes. Can you think of other animals that begin with the letter..?