Seaweed Song: A Seaweed Lullaby

Middle Grade, General Fiction, Children's Books

By Karen Gonzalez

Publisher : FolkHeart Press

ABOUT Karen Gonzalez

Karen Gonzalez
Karen has been interested in folktales and folklore for more than two decades. She has facilitated writing classes and workshops for more than fifteen years and is an award-winning fiction and nonfiction writer. Her writing credits include  awards from Farmhouse Magazine (2006), National  More...



This 14-page e-book celebrates the wonderful world of seaweed and sea otter in an easy to read story that includes bonus pages of seaweed, sea otter, and sea urchin facts and folklore. It also includes, for those who purchase a copy, to receive a link to an EXTRA free Seaweed Song slideshow-book narrated by Karen Pierce Gonzalez.

This book looks at the bond between seaweed and sea otters. It is a celebration of that long-established relationship and includes facts and folklore.

I am in love with the gentle rocking waves of song and delightful images that fill the pages of this sweet book.  A mother’s lullaby sung from ancient seaweed embraces the understanding that we are all interconnected. The chain of survival continues to link all life. 
Karen's warm voice and soothing rhythm enhances the Seaweed Song’s magical hold for people of all ages in the most primal way.    
Tina Deason, La Bona Dea, Journal of Everyday Magic