DARA 2 (Story behind scars)

DARA 2 (Story behind scars)

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Suresh Kundal


DARA 2(Story behind scars)Millions of secrets were lying hidden underneath the suspended morning mist. A pungent smell of Pine woods prevailed in the entire Shiwaliks of Himalayan valley.

It is his new posting. Dara continues his long pointless stroll towards a deserted military dairy farm. The two boys with white eyebrows and a peculiar halo-like smoke billows up into dark clouds of demise. Dara and Ruda drift into mystic woods of Deodars and Pine. They befriend the same two boys with the white eyebrows. Their mind is blown off on discovering wooden boxes with text scraped in devnagri on them.

Dara is the link to yesterday, today and tomorrow. His sister Beero is betrayed by fate and illiteracy adding to her misery. No one understands the plight of a woman, not even women.

O’ Dara, let immortals get acquainted to the core of my crying heart
O’ Dara, let mortals know the stories behind my scars“

He could not gather courage to open his eyes and look up. Smiling face of Shivshankar with dazzling bright crescent moon above his forehead appeared before his closed eyes. When the ascetic Shivshambhu moved, the dust of ashes fell down on Earth like snowflakes spreading love and compassion. Dazzling bright crescent moon lay suspended at the knot over his forehead. Playing Damru with one hand, Gangadhar had held a long Trishul in the other.

”By the grace of Nataraj – the cosmic dancer, Abhimanyu grows up as a Kathak maestro.While crossing the highest battlefield in the world, the troops are lost in Siachin glacier. Panama changes hands and mouthfuls of smoky puffs keep the troops going. Air warrior Wg Cdr Alok rescues the mighty men in olives. On the contrary, Satan abducts the womb of a pregnant lady in her nightmare. The world is unaware that a Satan has become manifest to the living!

An Evil will be born!!